Frequently Asked Questions

TALON will manufacture 100 numbered Special Edition TM4-A1 rifles and exactly 2,913 TM4-A1 production rifles in our first production run. The serial numbers of the Special Edition rifles will be MS001SE – MS100SE. The serial numbers for the first production run will be 1TO0001 – 1TO2913. Once this first production run is complete, the second production run will begin with 2TO0001, meaning that those with a 1TO … serial number will always know they have a special rifle to pass along to generations and the pride of knowing you were there at the beginning.

Each customer who pays in full or makes the first of two installments will be placed on the waiting list. We wanted to offer those who could not pay the full amount up front the opportunity to be among those who could own a first production run weapon. However, paying in full does have its benefits. Those who pay in full will be ranked higher on the waiting list than those paying in installments, regardless of the date or time the order was placed. This will result in those paying in full receiving lower serial numbers in the first production run, thus adding to the value of their investment. Those who choose installments need not worry about being “bumped” from the list. Once we sell 2,913 production guns and 100 Special Edition guns, by either full price or installments, the waiting list will be closed pending the announcement of TALON’s second production run.

Once notified that a weapon is available, the buyer will have seven (7) calendar days to make the remaining payments and/or take delivery of the weapon. Failure to make the remaining payment or to take delivery in that time frame will result in forfeiture of the buyer’s place on the waiting list, and the buyer will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list.

TALON’s Special Edition weapon, like the production rifle, is still in development. However, we can give you some idea of how this numbered Special Edition will differ from the production rifle. The Special Edition rifle will have a laser-engraved tribute to the Mississippi Rifles along with its relative number, 1 of 100, 2 of 100, etc.

In 1846, President Polk and the U.S. Congress responded to Mexican aggression by declaring war on Mexico, and authorizing a force of 50,000 volunteers to be called up from the civilian population. (At the time, the active U.S. Army numbered only 7,000.) Only one regiment of 1,000 men was authorized for Mississippi. However, Mississippians responded with a staggering 17,000 volunteers showing up in Vicksburg to enlist. A competition was held to select the finest 1,000 men. The newly formed Regiment was placed under the command of a very capable Colonel named Jefferson Davis, who had resigned his office as U.S. Congressman to lead the unit. Colonel Davis insisted that his men be issued the newest and best rifles available. The Mississippians became so adept with their weapons that, throughout the war, they were known as the Mississippi Rifles. This proud unit went on to win the day in the decisive Battle of Buena Vista against Mexican forces led my Santa Anna, by plugging a faltering line and securing the victory with the command of Colonel Davis to “Stand fast, Mississippians!” The legacy of this proud unit is carried on today by elements of the Mississippi Army National Guard.

Just as Colonel Davis insisted on the newest and best rifles of the day, TALON Ordnance is manufacturing the finest tactical weapon ever produced right here in Mississippi. In honor of that great Mississippi tradition of standing fast in the fight for freedom, TALON Ordnance will produce a Special Edition rifle bearing the name of the MISSISSIPPI RIFLES, and extolling the command to “STAND FAST, MISSISSIPPIANS.”

Along with these laser-engravings, the weapon will be coated in OD Green Cerakote® over the upper and lower receivers (including the charging handle) and forearm (handguard). The unique design of the four-rail forearm will have TALON in Army stencil letters actually cut out of the metal. The rifle will come with back-up iron sights installed and offer four TALON Ordnance 30-round magazines. The weapon system will ship in an OD Green custom cut foam hard case. Other developments will likely be added before the final weapon system is released.

The production rifle will have a uniquely designed four-rail forearm and will be delivered with a black finish over the entire rifle. The same technology and attention to detail will be inherent within this production rifle as it will be in the Special Edition. For complete specifications on what makes the TALON TM4-A1 rifle the finest tactical rifle ever produced, go to our Why TALON page for more details.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED UNDER ANY CIRCUSTANCES; provided, however, that payments will be refunded in the unlikely event that TALON’s production activities cease before delivery to the buyer of the firearm. Such refund shall be buyer’s sole remedy for TALON’s failure to deliver the firearm.


TALON cannot tell you when your individual weapon will be available. However, we can tell you that production of TALON weapons will begin in January 2014, and weapons will be delivered in strict order of the waiting list.

There is no time guarantee on the delivery of a firearm purchased, and TALON does NOT guarantee any specific date or deadline for delivery. Wait times will vary and could extend for many months. Submission of full or partial payment places the buyer on a waiting list for TALON firearms, as they become available.

If you live in the Jackson, Mississippi, metro area, you may pick up your weapon at the TALON Ordnance facility in Ridgeland, Mississippi. A background check and all appropriate paperwork will be completed in order to transfer the weapon to the buyer in accordance with applicable law.

Buyers who live outside the metro area may have their weapon shipped to a licensed dealer in their local area. WEAPONS ARE NOT ALLOWED BY LAW TO SHIP DIRECTLY TO INDIVIDUALS. You must designate an FFL dealer to receive your weapon and complete the transfer. Buyers will receive instructions on forwarding the appropriate paperwork and information via email once their weapon is available.

TALON weapons come with a transferable lifetime warranty, meaning the life of the weapon, not just the life of the original purchaser. Please see our Lifetime Warranty page for more information.