Transferable Lifetime Warranty On TALON Ordnance Firearms

This document was last updated on November 8, 2013.

At TALON Ordnance, we began with the commitment to absolute reliability and function at all costs. It is pounded into every inch of what we do and the products we manufacture. We are so confident in our product that we offer a transferable Lifetime Warranty on our firearms! That’s right, the warranty is for the life of the firearm, not the life of the original purchaser. You can be confident that your TALON firearm will provide generations of your family with reliable function for all their shooting activities.

Lifetime Warranty Terms and Conditions

TALON Ordnance warrants to you that if any primary part on a TALON Ordnance weapon ever becomes defective; TALON Ordnance will repair or replace the gun at no charge, subject to the following conditions:

  • If the firearm cannot be repaired, and no replacement is available, we will offer you a similar item (to be solely determined by TALON Ordnance) at no charge.
  • Customer must pay any costs associated with sending the firearm to TALON Ordnance for repair or replacement. Insured shipping is recommended.
  • If a firearm is repaired, the firearm may be returned directly to the customer if it was sent from the customer’s address. If a firearm is replaced, the customer must take delivery from a licensed FFL dealer. The customer may have additional charges, such as transfer fees and background check fees, if the gun must be replaced and resent to a dealer. TALON Ordnance is not responsible for these additional fees.
  • TALON Ordnance will pay for the insured freight back to the customer or the customer’s dealer if the firearm is defective. If the firearm is not defective, the customer is liable for return freight to his residence or his dealer.
  • The Lifetime Warranty applies only to complete TALON Ordnance firearms purchased as such, and does not apply to other merchandise that may or may not be offered by TALON and may or may not bear the TALON logo.
  • This warranty covers the firearm as originally sold by TALON, but does not extend to guns altered or rebuilt after their original purchase, or guns used other than for their legal intended purposes. It does not apply to scopes or accessories attached to the firearm when purchased, this is a Lifetime FIREARM Warranty, and is not intended to cover accessories whether purchased with the weapon or separately.
  • Accuracy is NOT included in this Warranty.
  • This warranty covers the firearm against manufacturer’s defects only. It does not cover the replacement or refinishing of parts that are subject to normal wear throughout the lifespan of the firearm.
  • This warranty shall be made void by damage caused from hand-loaded ammunition. Only factory loaded ammunition should be used. TALON shall not be liable for damage that occurs from improperly loaded ammunition.
  • Primary parts shall not include stocks, grips, slings, locks, accessories, and other non-essential parts for the operation of the firearm that are damaged, destroyed, or lost due to use whether or not such items were included with the weapon when purchased.
  • The owner of the firearm agrees, without reservation, to provide all details surrounding damage to the firearm, or to answer any an all questions necessary to diagnose claims of failure to function by a TALON firearm. Failure to disclose the requested information or to provide untrue or misleading information shall void this warranty.

TALON ORDNANCE’S LIABILITY FOR BREACH OF ANY WARRANTY SHALL BE LIMITED TO REPLACING OR REPAIRING THE NONPERFORMING OR DEFECTIVE GOODS (TO BE DETERMINED AT OUR DISCRETION). WE SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY OTHER DAMAGES, DIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. TALON Ordnance, LLC reserves the right to modify this warranty at any time. Please review the warranty immediately prior to any purchase.

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