Why Talon?


TALON Ordnance began as a company looking to improve the durability and reliability of the M4/AR15 weapon system. The TALON TM4-A1 makes good on this vision to improve this iconic weapon system. TALON started with the basic premise that Eugene Stoner was a genius, and far ahead of his time when the weapon was originally introduced. That being said, modern advances in metallurgy, manufacturing, and coatings have not been adopted by the U.S. military, primarily because of the extreme cost of such a refit. Certain special operations units have made modifications here and there, but by and large, the weapon is still made the same way it was in the 1960's.

There is one word to describe a TALON rifle: overkill. We meant to do it. We intended to build a weapon for the shooter who planned to bear down hard on his weapon. This weapon is not built for the casual plinker or hunter, although the weapon will serve such a shooter for generations. It is made for the person who wants to know that when a go-to gun is needed, there is one that he can reach for that will more than meet his needs. You will hear the critics say that many of the specifications and standards in our weapon system are simply not needed. That certainly depends on your perspective. Because from our perspective, we didn't want to build a weapon to simply meet a basic need; we wanted to build a weapon that would surpass your extreme needs, along with a few wants and desires. When someone says, "all you really need for the weapon to function is X," we take it to the next level or beyond so that we know beyond any doubt that the weapon is more durable and more reliable.

If all you are worried about is what you need, then look elsewhere. TALON is building weapons that our military warriors, law enforcement guardians, and civilian patriots can stake their lives upon. We do not take that task lightly, and in order to make it a reality, we are taking tactical weapons where they have never gone before. It is truly a new day in tactical weaponry, and TALON is proud to be the pathfinder on this mission. Welcome to the New Age!

Clay B. Baldwin
CEO, TALON Ordnance